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Friday, 26 August 2011

Things wot I want

My job as an events manager means I'm lucky enough to get out and about and see lots of lovely hotels and venues. Recently I visited Coworth Park near Ascot which deserves special mention for being utterly lovely with very relaxed and charming service. It is the place Cheryl used for Judges' Houses during last year's X Factor and is often jam packed with slebs, but I didn't see any while I was there. Unless you count my friend Emma who once modelled for a well known airline and is now the prettiest events manager in London.

I'm sure much has been written by reviewers about how great the restaurant is and how lovely the rooms are, but I wanted to show you two things I covet. Excuse the shaky photos taken on my iPhone.

First up is this lovely dressing table - clear plastic and filled with nail varnishes. Divine for a boudoir, non?

Secondly - after the divine dinner I ordered the cheese which came served on this individual platter.

isn't it lovely?!
There were 8 of us event managers having dinner and none of us had ever seen one before, so we now have a challenge to either a) track them down on the interweb or b) persuade our Dads to make them. I emailed Dad the next morning asking for 4 of them by Christmas but he didn't seem to enamoured with the idea of making them.

Honestly - he has his own lathe in the barn, what else is he going to use it for?!

Rose x

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