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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Eastend Snob

This little lip liner might not look like much, but it is a super, natural colour.  My friend Natalie wore it last night and I accosted her for the name - expecting her to say it was something expensive.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was Rimmel!  I hot footed it to Superdrug at lunchtime and grabbed one. 

It goes with any lip colour.  Rose's top tip - put it on all over your lips then put lipstick or gloss on top - you'll be amazed how much longer the colour stays on..

(Apols I can't seem to add a photo - COMPUTER SAYS NO grrrrrr)

Rose xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

All that glitters is golden

So this time of year I'm normally looking my best.  I have colouring which suits sunshine, I've always tanned well and my hair goes naturally blonde in the sun.  I'm sorry if that sounds a bit smug but its true.  If its any consolation I still have a bottom the size of China, and by January I've gone a sort of yellowy grey colour from lack of sunlight.

As you may have noticed if you live in the UK, we are suffering the worst summer in YONKS.  It feels like it has rained every day since March and there is no sign of the jet stream moving.

I saw Aunty Mame last night for a terrific night at the Proms.  I said that I'd heard that the jet stream was due to move next week and she replied that "its just a rumour the BBC are putting out to stop everyone committing suicide.  Its not true."   :-(

No only is the lack of sun making me miserable it is making my beauty regime more extensive.  By now I normally have a tan, naturally blonde hair and my skin looks so good from Vitamin D then I don't have to wear foundation. 

However, this year my summer is proving to be a bit more reliant on beauty products so here are a few of my faves. 

First up is St Tropez Gradual Tan, available in light to medium or medium to dark.  This is essentially posh 'Johnson's Holiday Skin' - everyone remembers that right?   I love it because it moisturises your skin, doesn't smell so you can pop it on in the morning when you get out the wrong side of bed, and it doesn't streak. 

Top tip - there is a body one and a face one.  This is St Tropez trying to fleece you - just buy the body one and use it on your face. 

I use it about every 5 days to keep myself from looking like this: 

And a bit more like this (in colouring terms only!!!!):

Secondly I'm having to get my hair dyed more frequently, lest my natural mousey brown shine through.  I'm also trying to grow it for Cousin LL's upcoming wedding which means I can't keep chopping the ends off.  Both of these things mean it isn't in great condition and getting a brush through it is getting harder. 

My lovely hairdresser recommended this stuff and I AM HOOKED.  It is a divine oil which doesn't make your hair greasy it just makes it lovely.  Shiny, soft and in better condition.

You can use it as a mask, put it on before blow drying or put it on when hair is dry to style it.
Its available here for currently 25% off so get in quick as it isn't cheap. 


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The perfect gold earrings

So back in January when Alexa and I chose a lovely coral dress for me to be her bridesmaid in I made a mental note to myself that by the time the day of the wedding arrived I needed to

A)  lose 5 stone
B)  get a lovely golden tan
C)  grow my hair longer
D)  go blonder
E)  get some perfect gold earrings to go with the outfit. 

I failed on A). 

B), C) and D) were easy - thanks to St Tropez Gradual Tan - the best fake tan on the market in my opinion and a good hairdresser. 

E) was tricky. 

I have been scouring the country for the perfect pair.  I looked in every accessory shop I could think of but what I really wanted was something relaxed but also a statement.  They needed to shine and stand out from my hair and skin, which is all rather golden in colour.  They needed to be glitzy but not tacky.  Obvious but subtle.  Chunky but classy.  You see what I mean?   DIFFICULT.   There was even a conference call with H, the other bridesmaid who lives in Exotic Scotland about what on earth we were going to wear in our ears.  I eventually found a couple of pairs that would have just about done, and had agreed to borrow a lovely pair from my friend Natalie if I couldn't find anything.

On arrival in Ibiza I bored Alexa senseless with a long discussion of the different earring options.  She patiently listened and suggested I bring them all to her room on the morning of the wedding and we take a look together.
We had such a lovely time on the morning of the wedding.  Alexa was as relaxed and happy as a bride could be.  We had a lovely breakfast in the sunshine on the terrace, got our hair done and pottered about drinking champagne and making ourselves look lovely.  It really was a day I'll never forget.  A highlight was when the other bridesmaid, H, and I realised that we both had bought the same identical pair of giant, seamless, beige pants from M&S.  Classy. 

In a quiet moment Alexa gave us both a box containing the most perfect gold earrings I've ever seen.  That girl has exquisite taste.  I can't think of a more perfect pair.  I needn't have worried because like everything else, Alexa had my earlobes under control.