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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The big day approaches

I am fairly sure, nay certain, that you all watched the return to Downton Abbey on Sunday night.  It came as no surprise that Matthew and Mary got married and hope you all had a tear in your eye as they finally said 'I do'. 


As I watched the scenes unfold of the whole village getting ready for the celebrations I felt familiarity as we have Cousin LL's wedding approaching fast.  Mrs Patmore and Carson had been frantic getting everything ready for the big day, and we hope we can give our happy couple a similar sort of send off.
Matthew and Mary Crawley


We haven't baked any pies or shone the silver, but here is a sample of the sort of prep I've been partaking in as Maid of Honour:

A conversation with Mr Rose occurred last night.  I enquired as to which suit, shirt and tie combination he was going to wear to the wedding.  He glanced up briefly from The Economist, cocked an eyebrow at me and asked how on earth he would know as normally he decides on the very morning of the event.  I knew this was a lie as I have to watch him lay out the next day's pants and socks before bed, so I made a quip about that and insisted he give the matter some thought. 

With a sigh, he said:  "Well which suit do you think I should wear?".   I replied:  "The navy Massimo Dutti one".    A pause followed.  "Which tie do you think I should wear?".  I replied:  "I was thinking your red Aspinal one".  A further pause.  "And which shirt should I wear?"  I replied quickly "I was thinking light blue.  Definitely not white as you look enough like David Milliband as it is.  But obviously it's up to you".  

"So.." Mr Rose replied, "I think I'll go for my navy suit, red tie and light blue shirt.  I'm so glad I made that decision."  And with that, he went back to reading about Syria. 

The next day I quickly emailed Annie and Izzy, to make sure their Beau's weren't wearing anything that would clash – think of the photos!


I've scheduled sun bed appointment, Shellac appointment, had my hair highlighted to within an inch of its life, barely touched a carb in 3 weeks and already done 3 make up trials.  And I'm just the bridesmaid!!   Lord knows what Cousin LL has been up to. 

She isn't the sort of girl to pretend to her fiancĂ© she is going for a jog and then pop to the Tanning Salon.  Oh no.  Not her. 

We've been through all of the photograph running order to make sure we don't miss anything out.  My suggestions for various rude things were rebuffed.  Personally I can't see what is wrong with the idea of having all of the 7 bridesmaids doing shots. 

We've discussed the delicate nature of the table plan – she has managed to find the one person she knows who is interested in politics to put next to Mr Rose. 

I have trawled the John Lewis beauty hall for the perfect coral lipstick shade for Aunty Mame. 

My mum, Uncle R and Aunty Mame spent 3 hours tying ribbons on the orders of service. 

I've been for 4 dress fittings with a seamstress that appears to be a dab hand with the needle but has an aura of 'been at the cooking sherry'. 

We've all enjoyed it so much, weddings are lovely things because they bring everyone together – not just on the day but in all of the lead up and preparation. 


I can't bloody wait for it all to happen now!