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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bank Holiday Gloucestershire Fun

So when Mr Rose was a wee nipper, his mum (a Warwickshire lass not unlike myself) decided that if her kids were going to be brought up in Central London then they would at least be exposed to regular countryside so they knew the difference between a cow and a sheep.   So back in the mid 80s they bought a little cottage in the Forest of Dean which they used for weekends away and holidays.

It did not work. 

Mr Rose never really liked the countryside and obviously spent all his holidays with his nose in The Economist.  We haven't been to The Cottage for many years but decided to take a trip there this weekend. After all, we are both in our 30s now so we may as well embrace middle age. 

At one point driving through the gorgeous countryside, Mr Rose pointed at a field of cows and made a reference to them being nice looking sheep.  Dear reader, he has not one but two Cambridge degrees plus a law degree,  and he knows more about international politics than anyone I've ever met.  But the poor confused London boy is not so hot on his farmyard animals.  Next time you see him, feel free to give him a little lesson on exactly what says cockadoodledoo and what a baby horse is called.  He needs educating. 

When I had stopped snorting with laughter, we went on a lovely walk as part of my training for my half marathon walk I'm doing in October.  We nearly got lost / had a massive row / split up in part of the forrest but found our bashed up old Golf just in time before the rain came down.  We picked loads of blackberries as there were moments when we were so lost we thought we might be spending the night there and thought they would keep us alive til morning.  However, we eventually found the car and made it home and decided to make a crumble with the blackberries - plus pears, greengages and apples from the cottage garden. 
The lovely garden in The Cottage

Greengage tree

Photographic evidence of lovely crumble:

Greengage, apple, pear and blackberry

Lovely crumble topping with flaked almonds for flavour

It was eaten in front of roaring stove and 3 episodes of The Sopranos :-) 

I have to admit that we also had some for breakfast the next morning but then we went out and climbed up Symonds Yat  to burn off the naughtiness.  Here is the view from the top - and yes, we climbed up from the river THAT IS A VERY LONG WAY UP and it definitely was worth it - what a view! 

Hope you all had a great Banko too.  What did you get up to?

Rose x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Things wot I want

My job as an events manager means I'm lucky enough to get out and about and see lots of lovely hotels and venues. Recently I visited Coworth Park near Ascot which deserves special mention for being utterly lovely with very relaxed and charming service. It is the place Cheryl used for Judges' Houses during last year's X Factor and is often jam packed with slebs, but I didn't see any while I was there. Unless you count my friend Emma who once modelled for a well known airline and is now the prettiest events manager in London.

I'm sure much has been written by reviewers about how great the restaurant is and how lovely the rooms are, but I wanted to show you two things I covet. Excuse the shaky photos taken on my iPhone.

First up is this lovely dressing table - clear plastic and filled with nail varnishes. Divine for a boudoir, non?

Secondly - after the divine dinner I ordered the cheese which came served on this individual platter.

isn't it lovely?!
There were 8 of us event managers having dinner and none of us had ever seen one before, so we now have a challenge to either a) track them down on the interweb or b) persuade our Dads to make them. I emailed Dad the next morning asking for 4 of them by Christmas but he didn't seem to enamoured with the idea of making them.

Honestly - he has his own lathe in the barn, what else is he going to use it for?!

Rose x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

P-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin

Remember all of that snow we had last winter?  When Britain stopped working for a few days and the Norwegians and Fins hooted with laughter when our runways couldn't get defrosted? 

Well someone pointed out on Twitter that the Edinburgh Zoo Penguin Cam was a delight to behold.  Penguins are cute as hell at the best of times, but that day you could see them all dancing around in the snow and flapping about excitedly.  Cockle warming stuff.  I saved the website in my favourites and every now and again I have a little look to see what the little darlings are up to.  I urge you to take a peak. 

Rose x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Cousin LL (as in Cool J)

The post I wrote last week about my dear Dad on his birthday has been quite the subject of the family chatter.  Whilst I'm delighted they are all reading the blog so avidly (apart from Cousin TL who asked me 'Can I set up an alert so it tells me when you are writing about me?') this does put a little bit of pressure on me to write something meaningful about them all on their birthdays. 

Quite frankly, there are an awful lot of them so I'm not sure they will all be as long as Dad's Ode. 

But today is the birthday of Cousin LL who I have looked up to and been bossed around by since before I could hold up my own head.  She is 10 months older than me and never, ever, ever lets me forget it.  I followed her to the same Uni and then moved in next door to her when I moved to London at the tender age of 22 and needed to be shown the ropes a bit.  I'll never forget her kindness at bringing me into her huge circle of friends and getting me up and on my feet when I was heartbroken and a bit green to all things London. 

She is effortlessly stylish with the lovelist nose ever known to man.  There are few people I'd rather turn to in a crisis as she has a cool, calm view on the world and always useful and thoughtful advice.  Even if I disolve into dramatic tears she will always cheer me up.

We've had some incredible holidays and mini breaks together.  I think the week we spent in Bulgaria learning to ski will go down in history as the funniest week of my life so far. 

She is birthday-ing today in the St Tropez having a boat trip - as you do.  So Happy Birthday dear Cousin LL!

Rose xx


My mother has a clean and tidy gene which I just don't seem to have inherited. I have her green eyes, love of a good manicure, old movies and romantic 19th century literature. But the gene that means I Hoover stairs with gusto just seems to be missing. I can't see the point of ironing my knickers, washing my skirting boards or brasso-ing my letter box. I often don't know that my letter box needs brasso-ing (this is not a euphemism). She despairs over this.

Recently my effervescent Mother came to stay at Rose Towers.

In preparation I:
Booked in the cleaner for an extra 2 hours that week
Scrubbed all of the windows in the flat
Got out the fancy guest bed linen and towels and even though it was clean I washed it again in enough Fairy and Lenor or sink a battleship
Bought fresh flowers for all rooms
Begged Mr Rose to iron his stack of chinos and pink shirts (I don't do his ironing - feminism, innit.)
Plumped cushions
Cleaned out the fridge
Cleaned out the larder
I even scrubbed the extractor hood in the kitchen!!! I KNOW!!!!
Polished glass coffee table
Dusted wooden blinds
Weeded the window boxes
Arranged a selection of my extensive cosmetic collection for her use
Etc etc etc.

She arrived quite late in the evening and after a cup of black tea (the booming milk had gone off!!!!) she retired to bed.
The next morning was bright and sunny but when she emerged from the spare room wide eyed and white faced I knew something had gone terribly wrong. Perhaps a crack whore had tried to break into the flat in the night and she'd had to fend her off? Perhaps a dead horse's head was found under the pillow? Perhaps a plague of locusts had arrived in the spare room? I gingerly enquired as to whether everything had been sufficient in the guest quarters.

She took a deep breath and said in a strained whisper "I can't believe a daughter of mine does not have a mattress protector on her spare bed!"

So, dear reader, I quickly fired up the Marks and Spencer App and ordered 2 mattress protectors in the hope that she will return to Rose Towers and will be more comfortable next time.

So useful if one goes to bed with a full bladder.

Rose x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Whilst I am a big fan of the age of technology, it does mean that very rarely does post pop through my letter box and this makes me sad. Sending post cards, thank you cards and love letters is a dying art but I'm determined to try and keep it going.

Much to Mr Rose's amusement, a few years ago we got some headed note cards printed. I so enjoy writing little notes on them with my fountain pen. 

I realise that the above makes me sound like some kind of nerd from 1914 - but what can I say? Some girls knit, some make their own fascinators and some have devoted themselves to decoration cupcakes with a fervour. I like post. I like sending post and I like receiving post and I think I always will.

I even have a little chest in our bedroom which I call 'Rose's Correspondence Chest' - it is filled with lovely notecards, writing paper, cartridges and a red leather address book which I'm not as good at keeping up to date as I should be. This is the sort of thing which bemuses Mr Rose. When I moved in 3 years ago his flat had basically 500,000 books - on subjects ranging from Hezbollah to the French Revolution, an excellent CD collection including ABBA Gold and The Complete Wagner, some Ikea furniture and the odd framed poster that would look at home on the wall of any self respecting student during the mid 90s.

3 blissful years later and we now have a kitchen full of red polka dot paraphernalia, 3 cake stands, 11 egg cups, a chest full of 500 thread count Egyptian cotton bedlinen, fitted wardrobes, napkins, canapé napkins, bunting, a multi coloured spatula collection and a draw for where the placecards live. Isn't he a lucky boy?

Anyway, back to correspondence.

In an effort to encourage others to take this up and don't let handwriting die out like a lost art - here are a few of my favourite writing related things.

Lesser Spotted Images
What could be more amusing? Imagine getting a postcard of the picturesque villages and towns throughout the world with unusual names? My faves are 'Busty View' and 'Clench' for obvious reasons

So tempted to send this to Grandma

Lazy Oaf Greetings Cards
My faves are the ginger beard  and the cat saying it is going to piss on your bed. What's not to like?

Not on The Highstreet (one of my fave online stores incidentally) has lovely notepaper and crafty stuff for making your own stationery. I think this dinosaur set is the best

Museums and galleries often have excellent cards in the gift shop. The Museum of London is no exception and this card  is perfect for the City gent in your life.

Rapping paper is wrapping paper filled with rap lyrics. I know, huh? V cool. Can't believe I never thought of it.

I hope that has inspired you to get down the the 80 year olds, and get out your fountain pens.

First person to send me a card with the words Slack Bottom written on it wins a kitkat.

Rose x

PS Izzy - it has not gone unnoticed that 6 months ago I sent you a pack of first class stamps and a request that from time to time you drop your big sis a line. Now its not so long since I was an Arts student and I realise this would probably take up most of an afternoon and there are all of those episodes of Neighbours to watch and pints of cider to drink - but be a dear and indulge your big sis. xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Dad is cooler than your Dad

It is Papa's birthday this week and so here are a few reasons why I think he is a legend:

  • When other middle aged men wear M&S boat shoes he wears bright red Converse trainers

  • When I was a little girl he built me my own bed.  OK the colour was a vile green (it was the mid 80s) but it had letters painted on it which spelled my name
  • He introduced me to the merits Queen, Phil Collins and Otis Redding on long car journeys 
  • He introduced me to cottage cheese and bovril sandwiches.  Sound gross, huh?  take it from me, they are divine.  When Izzy, Annie and I were little he'd cut them up into our initials and they always tasted extra special that way

  • He never gets cross when I ignore his advice.  This includes some of the following: 'It is important to keep your car clean'; 'It is important to sharpen your pencils and polish your shoes on a Sunday night'; 'Baked beans are a nutritious accompaniment to any meal'; 'Watching The Hills will rot your brain' and 'white wine should be consumed in moderation'.
  • He throws a mean party.  Whether it is a car rally to France or a knees up in the Village Hall, this man - armed with my mum's Costco card - can always bring the par-tay.  It usually involves cheese and pickle
  • If I told him I was going to move to the moon and start a worm colony there - he'd say 'How lovely, I've always wanted to visit the moon - when can we come visit?' because he not just supports my decisions but he is enthusiastic about all of them
  • When I was a grumpy, pretentious teenager he never complained when I made him drive me around Warwickshire every Saturday and Sunday in my quest to become an actress.  He even took me to the RSC and sat through thespians doing Shakespeare cos he knew that was what I loved. 
  • He has more pairs of swimming trunks, shirts, shoes and ties than most men because he has more than a passing interest in fashion.  He is dapper. 
  • Along with my mum he created the most beautiful house and garden which is filled with gorgeous rooms, lovely furniture, delightful garden obelisks, gin and tonics, bunting and real open fires.  Izzy, Annie and I could not imagine a more lovely place to come home to
  • When I was about 13 years old he was my sole employer and champion of my dubious musical talent. By paying me to entertain their dinner party guests with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Simon & Garfunkel medleys on the piano he ensured I was kept in pocket money and the audience had something to chuckle about on the way home.
So Happy Birthday Dad!  Have a good'un.  Not everyone has a dad.  Not everyone has a good dad.  My dad is the tops so that makes me a very lucky girl.

Now I know exactly what my mother will say when she reads this.  "Lovely blog darling, but why so much about your father? Wouldn't your readers like to know about your effervescent mother?"

All in good time, mother dearest, all in good time.

Rose x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rose's Restaurant Guide #1 - Da Polpo and Tate Modern Restaurant

My favourite London restaurant du jour is Da Polpo just tucked in between The Strand and Covent Garden.

Now I know what you are thinking - "Who on earth, other than tourists or people under the age of 25 who don't know any better, dines between The Strand and Covent Garden?"

Well, dear reader, you should give this place a try for exactly that reason.  Restaurateur Russell Norman has conquered trendy Soho so successfully that if you attempt to get into one of his other restaurants (Polpo, Spuntino or Polpetto) you have to be prepared to wait a good couple of hours.  Waiting for food makes me grumpy.  I can handle 20 minutes with a large gin and tonic but much longer and I get tetchy.  So when I decided to try Da Polpo I was delighted to find that although it is always busy and buzzy, you don't usually have to wait too long.  The food is divine, they describe it as Venetian tapas and it is lovely Italian comfort food, really reasonably priced (each dish is about £7 and you need about 8 of these between 4 people).
The atmosphere is always cheerful and jolly, and even though the tables are packed in next to each other, it feels surprisingly romantic and intimate.

The dishes I recommend you try: zucchini salad with basil parmesan, the spinach pizette and of course the classic spaghetti and meatballs.

Mr Rose and I went last Thursday with some lovely pals over from Melbourne.  We went first to Gordon's Wine Bar, London's oldest wine bar don't you know.  Then after our lovely dinner at Da Polpo we had ice cream at The Icecreamists which is about 4 doors along from Da Polpo.  It was a perfect London summer evening.

I don't know if it is because it is relatively new, or if it is because of its less trendy location, but everytime I've been I've had a table within 10 minutes.  Win.

PS - for the ladies who lunch reading the blog it is bookable at lunchtime. 

Onto my next recommendation (its a bumper edition today)

Yesterday Mr Rose and I were lucky enough to go and see Richard III at The Old Vic.  There is no point me urging you to go as it is sold out for evermore, but if by chance some kind soul gives you a ticket then my advice is GO GO GO!!!

Kevin Spacey is just wonderful.  I shan't bang on about it here as much has been written on the subject, but it isn't often I can be captivated by 3.5 hours of Shakespeare that I have never seen before.

After the matinee, Dr Gustav ( Mr Rose's Papa), Julie (his ladyfriend), Mr Rose and I walked along to Tate Modern to have supper.  Now as good as the play was, nothing quite works up a need for a gin and tonic and a steak and chips like Shakespeare and a walk.  So by the time we got to Tate Modern I was wildly saying:  A steak, a steak! My kingdom for a steak!  And basically only making myself laugh with my steak related witticisms.

We had a lovely meal with the most lovely London view.

Dr Gustav, Mr Rose and I had delish steak and chips with a very good Argentinian red, and Julie had mussels with Pinot Griiiig.  All were very happy with the lovely food, drink and view.

Food tastes so much better after Shakespeare, don't you find?

Rose x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Italian Austrian Schnitzel

So some of you may know that I'm doing a half marathon walk in October for Cancer Research.  Have I not banged on about this enough yet?  Thought not.  I'M DOING A HALF MARATHON.  I know. Not my usual thing to do but I must say I'm enjoying the training so far.  I'm doing the walk and the training with 2 girls from the office: Miss R and Miss D - well to be precise they are doing the full marathon and I'm just doing the half. But, you know, they are slim and fit and I'm er, not. But hopefully I will be slimmer and fitter by the time I get around to doing this walk. 

So tonight we set off from the office and had a good old chinwag about life, death, love, the best cleansing wipes on the market and the importance of changing shampoo regularly.  You know, the important stuff.  By the time we were on mile 4 we were getting really hungry and the subject of food was on our minds.  I heard all about how in Miss D's family home they have homemade Indian food every night and all about the curries her mum cooks.  Mother of god it sounded good.  So I started thinking how I could spice up the supper I had planned for Mr Rose and I.

I decided to shake up our chicken schnitzel.  When I first met Mr Rose he introduced me to homemade schnitzel - it is an Austrian dish he was brought up with and still very much one of his favourite comfort food dinners.  But he is out running the government (someone has to) so tonight I took charge and made Italian Austrian Schnitzel.  I reckon it will catch on soon, with such a snappy name.

So.  First of all beat an egg in a bowl.  Pop into your food processor 1 slice of bread, handful of basil leaves and large chunk of parmesan.  Whizz up as if your life depended on it.
Slice your chicken breasts in 2 right down the middle and get your meat basher out.  Now for the fun bit. Flatten those chicken norks as if they were the skull of your mortal enemy, as every Austrian knows your schnitzel is at its best when it is think and crispy.
Dunk the meat into the egg, then into the breadcrumb mix - then put it straight into a hot frying pan with melted butter bubbling away in it.   Cook slowly till golden brown on both sides and chicken is cooked through.  The parmesan starts to bubble away and smells DELISH.
I had mine with avacado, basil, cherry tomato and cucumber salad and dollop of creme fraiche.  Mr Rose, if he ever makes it home from running the country, will be having all of that but with sweet potato chips - cos he doesn't need to cut these out as his bottom is not the size of China unlike SOME people round here.  Ahem.

So whaddya reckon?  Am I going to make a career as a glorious food writer?  Somehow I think not, but it was a bloody good sups.

Food tastes SO much better on a day when one has walked 8 miles.  I think this whole exercise thing will catch on and soon you'll all be doing it. 

Rose x

Quote of the day

Auntie Mame:  "I am off to prison now for speeding.  It says get there for 12.15 and release at 5pm.  When is one supposed to dine?"

An excellent question, Aunt.  An excellent question.  I would suggest a brunch at 11.30am with many proteins to keep you full whilst serving your time.

Rose x

Gratuitous Kitten Picture

This trio of lovelies belong to my colleague Mrs S.  Could they be any cuter?

Lucy, Humphrey and Sylvester

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stuff I don't like - London Riots

So I blogged yesterday about stuff I like. I was going to start today with stuff I don't like and of course the hideous London Riots are at the forefront of my mind.

There are awful stories in the news, on Twitter and by word of mouth that are just beyond belief. My dear couisns LL (as in Cool J) and TL live in Clapham Junction and both witnessed horrid scenes last night of looting and mindless violence. TL's lovely fiance Sally even did a ring round all of Da Familia living in London to check we were safe and at home. Frightening, horrifying and very much on our doorstep.

Claaaaahm Junction this morning - photo taken by Cousin LL
Did you see this piece by fellow blogger on The Ledbury being raided in Notting Hill

I woke up fearful to turn on the news to see a) what else had been set on fire while I slept b) whether our errant Prime Minister had actually come back from holiday to lead the country and c) whether Annie's new mini which had been parked in our drive has been vandalised as let's face it, she might never speak to me again if I hadn't managed to protect it. Basically I woke up feeling an awful lot of negative thoughts. Not good for a Tuesday.

And then I checked Twitter. I should have known better than to doubt the spirit of Londoners. Humour prevailed. Good British sterling humour. Not only that but Blitz Spirit appears to be alive and well with #riotcleanup being the top item trending on Twitter. People are getting out on the streets armed with some old Cath Kidston gardening gloves and a stiff broom from the Pound Shop and getting stuck into putting the neighbourhoods back together. This I like. This I like a lot. This is why I love this city.

Some of the best jokes on Twitter: Cameron is going to batter the rioters with a giant toberlone he picker up in duty free (@alancarr); Cameron is just finishing the last few pages of his John Grisham and will be with us shortly (@heawood); I think we should have another royal wedding. That will do the trick. Harry and Pippa, your country needs you (@davidallengreen)

Hope everyone stays safe and my thoughts are with those who have lost businesses and homes in the madness.

Rose x

Monday, 8 August 2011

If I won the lottery #1

Does everyone do this?  Or is it just me and Mr Rose?  We can have loooong conversations about what we will do and where we will go when we win the lottery. 

I would have very regular long holidays to Chewton Glen

I'm lucky enough to have been here a few times with my job, and believe me I'd do all of my events here if I could. 

My specialist subject on Mastermind would be English Country Hotels.  This is one of the best.

What would YOU do?

Rose x

PS I never actually buy a lottery ticket...  oops. 

Food, family and a Haddock Recipe

So I come from a family of amazing cooks.  My Mum makes the most wonderful cakes you will ever taste - people would kill for her Almond Cake.  My  Grandma's macaroons are famous throughout Hampshire.  My sister Annie makes a great lasagna. 

However, the real chef in our family is Auntie Mame.  She is like a modern day Mrs Dalloway - hostess with the mostess.  She always has a wonderful stocked larder and loves nothing more than a houseful of hungry people to feed (at least that is what we tell ourselves when we turn up on Christmas Eve and stay for a week every year).  She can turn a simple salad into something delish, produce a mean raspberry florentine and her brisket is melt in the mouth. 

Basically, this woman has flair.  We all aspire to be like her.  I keep telling myself that one day I'll grow up and be able to entertain like her.  Whether I can inherit her acerbic one liners as well remains to be seen..

My cousin LL (as in Cool J) has inherited this flair from her mother.  A group of the Events Massive went round to her flat on Saturday and were greeted with this lovely fish dish. 

Fishy fish fish
The recipe is here.  Not only yummy, it is healthy and it looks relatively easy to make. 

She swears by the BBC good food website, and quite frankly - anything she swears by is well worth a try. 

Rose x

bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals

So as promised to Da Familia, I've been trialling mineral make up and promised them a review. 

I've been using bare escentuals kindly loaned by my sister Annie.  The coverage is good - very even and hides a multitude of sins.  The colour is easy to match to your skin as you can just put on as little or as much as you like.  It is extremely long lasting and even when I've been for 3 mile power walk and got a bit sweaty in 30 degree heat it has stayed put. 

The problem is though, it is a bit of a faff.  Compared to squirting some foundation onto my face it takes miles longer.  You are supposed to use loads of different brushes and if you are a bit clumsy you can easily knock it everywhere which is a problem because a) it is messy and b) it is not cheap. 

It also has a slight powdery look when you have finished, which makes me think of Aunt Alicia in the wonderful movie Gigi. 
Gigi (left) and Aunt Alicia
At my age, one should be endeavouring to look like one rather than the other. 

So am going to park the mineral make up and maybe try it again in the winter when my skin needs a bit more coverage.

Rose x


I received a mini pack of Korres body products for my birthday and am delighted with them.  Lovely zingy shower gets, divine body butters that soak into your skin straight away rather than leaving you sticky and not too $$$ It comes from Greece but is widely available in the UK.  You can get it in department stores, larger boots etc etc.
Another reason I love them is because they remind me of very many happy holidays spent on greek islands.  When I see the packaging I can almost smell the sunscreen, hear the ice chinking in my gin and tonic and see the dog earred Jilly Cooper novel I've dropped in the pool more than once. 
Rose x

Rose To The Occasion

Eeek well this is all a bit new and exciting, eh?  Inspired by lunch at Strada with Tracey and general prompting from kind friends, here it is - my blog - Rose To The Occasion. 

Before we get started here are a few words to describe me:  Events Manager, Highgate Resident, Nail Varnish Junkie, little bit too fond of Cadbury's choc.  

Things I like:
Good service in hotels and restaurants - and I don't mean poncey 'shaving the crumbs off the table cloth' rubbish; I mean friendly, approachable, efficient and knowledgeable
Make up and cosmetics.   I have a bathroom full of body lotions, scrubs, shampoo etc and a bedroom full of eyeliners, lipstick.  When I moved in poor Mr Rose had no idea how many red lipsticks one girl could need.
London.  I grew up in deepest, darkest Warwickshire but have been in London 8 years and my love affair with it is still going strong.  Like all affairs sometimes I am sick to death of it, but it still amuses me, inspires and keeps me on my toes.
Sunshine.  If I don't get regular sunshine in summer months I get grumpy and look like pants.  End of.
Cookery shows.  From Rick Stein to Nigella to Jamie's 30 minute meals and everything in between, I love watching these things.   Not really for the food, though if yummy then that is great - mostly for the lifestyle porn. I love wondering who it is that puts together the 'kitchens' that becomes as aspirational as the food.
MGM Musicals of the 40s and 50s - especially Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I was brought up on these things and even at the grand old age of 30 they cheer me up if I'm feeling down. The combination of great hair and make up, wonderful tunes and uplifting happy endings I cannot get enough of.  Cheesy, yes - but if you stick around you will realise there is plenty more cheese to come..
Parties - well, I have made a career out of organising them so it is hardly surprising that I love nothing better than a good party.  My Auntie Mame organised a great one for the royal wedding, complete with corgi shaped table confetti.  We all watched it in our pjs with full wedding hats - such a hoot.
Twitter - someone once said to me that Facebook is for all of the people you went to school with and Twitter is for those you wish you went to school with.  I couldn't agree more.  Social Meeja is the future, innit.
Driving - I'd drive everywhere and never use public transport again if I could. Apart from busses - I like busses - on top deck obvs.
The Wire - best TV I've ever seen.  Still well up when I think about Wallace
Take That - boyband from my youth, and now my not so youthful.  (I'm pro Robbie, by the way)
Polar bears - glorious creatures
Date night - loveabitofromanceIdo
Going to the cinema - not so fussed about the films but I love sitting there in the dark with popcorn wondering if you are going to get a snog.

I was going to do a section on what I don't like, but that srikes me as a negative vibe for my first post.  And I'm a bit 'new girl excited' about the blog so will save negative thoughts for another day.  (SPOILER: George Osbourne features). 

Over and out,
Rose x