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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Dad is cooler than your Dad

It is Papa's birthday this week and so here are a few reasons why I think he is a legend:

  • When other middle aged men wear M&S boat shoes he wears bright red Converse trainers

  • When I was a little girl he built me my own bed.  OK the colour was a vile green (it was the mid 80s) but it had letters painted on it which spelled my name
  • He introduced me to the merits Queen, Phil Collins and Otis Redding on long car journeys 
  • He introduced me to cottage cheese and bovril sandwiches.  Sound gross, huh?  take it from me, they are divine.  When Izzy, Annie and I were little he'd cut them up into our initials and they always tasted extra special that way

  • He never gets cross when I ignore his advice.  This includes some of the following: 'It is important to keep your car clean'; 'It is important to sharpen your pencils and polish your shoes on a Sunday night'; 'Baked beans are a nutritious accompaniment to any meal'; 'Watching The Hills will rot your brain' and 'white wine should be consumed in moderation'.
  • He throws a mean party.  Whether it is a car rally to France or a knees up in the Village Hall, this man - armed with my mum's Costco card - can always bring the par-tay.  It usually involves cheese and pickle
  • If I told him I was going to move to the moon and start a worm colony there - he'd say 'How lovely, I've always wanted to visit the moon - when can we come visit?' because he not just supports my decisions but he is enthusiastic about all of them
  • When I was a grumpy, pretentious teenager he never complained when I made him drive me around Warwickshire every Saturday and Sunday in my quest to become an actress.  He even took me to the RSC and sat through thespians doing Shakespeare cos he knew that was what I loved. 
  • He has more pairs of swimming trunks, shirts, shoes and ties than most men because he has more than a passing interest in fashion.  He is dapper. 
  • Along with my mum he created the most beautiful house and garden which is filled with gorgeous rooms, lovely furniture, delightful garden obelisks, gin and tonics, bunting and real open fires.  Izzy, Annie and I could not imagine a more lovely place to come home to
  • When I was about 13 years old he was my sole employer and champion of my dubious musical talent. By paying me to entertain their dinner party guests with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Simon & Garfunkel medleys on the piano he ensured I was kept in pocket money and the audience had something to chuckle about on the way home.
So Happy Birthday Dad!  Have a good'un.  Not everyone has a dad.  Not everyone has a good dad.  My dad is the tops so that makes me a very lucky girl.

Now I know exactly what my mother will say when she reads this.  "Lovely blog darling, but why so much about your father? Wouldn't your readers like to know about your effervescent mother?"

All in good time, mother dearest, all in good time.

Rose x


  1. Great blog Rose, love from Brad Pitt xx

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Loved today's blog. You're very lucky to have such a lovely dad. Last four lines made me laugh out loud! x

  4. Cottage cheese and Bovril YUK! I am surprised you weren't taken into care...
    Happy Birthday Dandy Dad