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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

An Unusual Sunday

So I'm having an unusual couple of weeks. Last week I was in Brussels organising a 3 day conference, dinners etc and as I type this I find myself in sunny Singapore where I've come to arrange the opening conference and party for my firm's new Singaporean office.
Sunday was an odd day. I leapt off the Eurostar in London and into the arms of Mr Rose who'd come to meet me and escort me to Heathrow ready for my flight to The East. Normally after a big 3 day conference I collapse in a heap and hide from the world for 24 hours, but this time I had to pack myself off ready to do it all over again.
We decided to go to The Gilbert Scott for lunch in the new swanky hotel in St Pancras. It suited us both - it has a reasonably priced lunch deal which cheered Mr Rose and I was happy because roast chicken was on the menu.
After a very pleasant lunch we hot footed it to Heathrow. As he waved me off through the barriers I felt a little lump in my throat as we are not often parted and I felt rather overwhelmed at travelling halfway across the world to do a nerve-racking important event.
I soon cheered up when I saw Duty Free had the Tom Ford eye shadow I've been after for ages - I am a shallow beast.
So the flight was quite an experience. The firm I work for sent me business class which I've only travelled once on before. The cabin was gorgeous - my seat was big enough for 3 people. I was surrounded by very serious looking Singaporean businessmen who no doubt travel that way every week.
I sat meekly down and tried to look cool, calm and collected.
That lasted for about 30 seconds, such was my excitement. So I did what anyone would do, I texted Mr Rose photos of the menu, ordered a glass of champagne and a Singapore Sling at the same time, grinned like a Cheshire cat at the hostesses, ate an enormous and delish dinner, watched 3 episodes of Glee and then passed out for a mammoth 8 hour sleep - those flat beds are miraculous.
On arrival in Singapore I did a bit of work, had a quick swim then went to bed. At 4am I glanced at my phone to check the time and was greeted by the wonderful news that Izzy has got her first proper job starting just a few weeks after her finals finish in June. Am so thrilled for her.
Quite a day!