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Friday, 17 August 2012

A beauty tip or two

Yesterday I got this email from Cousin LL. 

"My mini blog…. Rose, you can reuse this content without copyright infringements!

So this Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Lip Duo is the best product I have found in ages.  It is amazing… yesterday I put it on at 11am and it was still there at 6pm… after coffee, lunch, and a full day of normal stuff.  The coloured end is the lip stain… its incredible.  You put it on and wait 5 mins… and then you can put the gloss on over the top but I hate having sticky lips so I either leave just the stain but that can be a little dry, so I put on nude lipstick over the top for moisture.
It lasts for ages….
My best beauty find in ages"

Well I trust Cousin LL's beauty recommendations so thought I'd pass it onto you guys, even though I have not yet tried it myself - my spare cash is a bit more focused on scatter cushions at the mo...

Let me know if you like it.  She says the colour she loves is number 22, exquisite pink.

Then Annie piped up and replied to the email stating her undying passion for their concealer.

"I adore Estee Lauder double wear concealer – it has a similar effect. Once it goes on, it doesn't come off right until bed time when you wipe it off.  Really good colour match and sits well under eyes without clumping. "

Rose x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Practically Perfect

So guess what?!

It's been a year since I first started this blog!


I've loved writing it. Hope you've enjoyed reading it. According to the stats it's now been read by just under 15,000 people. Who you all are is a mystery but I hope you stick around.


This is my nail varnish du jour - Practically Perfect by No7 available from Boots. It's a great natural colour that gives my nails that glossy healthy look which isn't easy to always get right. It's not too pink, too peachy or too white. It is practically perfect.


Rose xx


Friday, 3 August 2012

The Olympics of my life

The Olympics of my life.

A bit like knowing where you were when 9/11 happened I always think that the Olympics provide a snapshot in the memory of where one was.

Here are mine:

In 1992 I passed the entrance exam to my rather academic senior school.  My parents were so gobsmacked / delighted I was given an Atlanta 1996 sweatshirt as reward and wore it with pride for years and years.

2000 was Sydney.  It made me like the look of Australia so much I decided to go travelling there after uni

2004 was Athens. I'd been living in London a year and next door to Cousin LL.  Her bday is in August and I threw her a surprise Olympics themed birthday party complete with golden laurels, hummus and cardboard javelins to throw around.  I'll never forget the look on her face when we all jumped out and surprised her.

2008 was Beijing.  I was living with my dear friend Scarlett in Camden.  We went from having no interest in sport to being Olympics obsessed for 2 weeks.  We stocked up on Pinot Grigio and cheerios (COS THEY LOOK LIKE OLYMPIC RINGS!!!) and barely left the flat for 2 weeks.  Our preferred sport was the synchronised diving – two divers called Ping and Pong were our favourites.

2012 is London.  And aren't we doing well?  On the day the London 2012 Olympics opened we got the keys to our new house.  We sometimes refer to it as the Olympic House.  After 3 years of talking about it, saving up, planning and dreaming we are finally there.  And we couldn't be happier.  An Olympics I shall never, ever forget. 

Rose xx