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Friday, 30 March 2012

The Ginger Jubilee

So last weekend was eventful.  The entire clan schlepped to Somerset for a weekend of celebration for it was The Twins' (my mum and aunt) Jubilee.  They both are 'vibrant' redheads, so it became known as The Ginger Jubilee.

Other than booking the house and barking driving directions - the Twins had no involvement with the organisation of the weekend.  At the Super X Club Meeting we divvied up the jobs and made sure all were involved

Cousin LL - ordering the Ocado shop and general organising us all military stylee
Rose - Gala dinner catering, placecards, branding and theme
Cousin TL - All booze for the weekend and running a wine tasting competition
Annie and Izzy - Invites, fireworks, balloons, decorations

Mr Rose and I arrived after a bafflingly busy and stressful day which included actually completing on our flat, a 2 hour row with British Gas, seeing 2 houses and getting lost in Central Bristol on the journey for about 40 mins.  However, our spirits were raised as we arrived at the massive farmhouse in the middle of nowhere to find my entire family gently pissed and in the hottub ready to whoop at us. 

The lovely house decked in lime green balloons

Saturday was magical - we wanted the whole day to be full or surprises for the twins so we kept everything secret.  We woke up to glorious weather and went on what can only be described as a Mega Walk.  Just as we thought we would not survive, Mr Cousin LL cemented his position as Golden Boyfriend (after all, he has put a ring on it) and spotted an ice cream van and treated us all to a Mr Whippy. 

After a large lunch, a bit more hot tubbing, glasses of cider and afternoon naps, we kicked off the evening with a wine tasting, arranged by Cousin TL.   We all love a bit of competition in our family plus a bit of booze so this was a winning combination. 

Then Somerset's finest caterers provided us with a lovely dinner of goats cheese tart, duck confit and Dolphin Nose potatoes with lemon tart.  After the starter, Cousin TL asked us to go outside for the Wine Tasting Prize Giving but this was merely a clever ruse and we had a surprise fireworks display that took the Twins totally unawares and delighted us all - big thanks to Mr Annie for organising.  As Auntie Mame gripped my hand as we stood and watched, quite overcome by it all, I felt a tear trickle down my carefully made up face - fireworks always make me emotional. 

The table all dressed for dinner in our lime green theme

Once back inside I rehearsed, for the 80th time, my speech which I had been planning for weeks.  But just after main course was served, my dad noticed that the spot on which the fireworks had been lit was on fire - so we all ran out into the field in our finery, screaming and shouting, clutching bottles of Evian with calls of RING THE FIRE BRIGADE.  We soon realised the fire was totally minor and after chucking some water on it, all trekked back inside to finish our duck. 

After pudding of lemon tart and raspberry meringue was served, I cleared my throat and was just about to tap my glass with my fork and begin 'Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I would like to make a little speech….'

Would you adam and eve it?  Mame yelped to say the field was on fire again.  So - for a second time, we grabbed water, shoved on our wellies and ran out into the night in a moment's panic.  Fortunately we have some fairly competent menfolk who put the fire out very quickly and the drama was over as quickly as it had begun.  

So the moment for my speech evaporated into the night and there didn't seem to be another right moment over the weekend. 

But what I had planned to say was this:  We are an unusually close and happy family - this is all down to the two people who's birthdays we were celebrating.  They had a mixed childhood but they gave us all an idyllic one and for that we can never thank them enough.  We wanted the day to be full of intrigue, surprise, indulgence, good hygiene, fun, humour and glamour - because when you think about it you realise this is exactly how they have made our lives. 

So to Auntie Mame and my darling Mum - happy birthday from your biggest fans


I can't believe its not Lip Butter

Ladies, tomorrow as you find yourself running errands on your local high street, do yourselves a favour and pop into Boots. 

Buy yourselves a little piece of happiness for under £8 - a Revlon Lip Butter - it is basically a cross between a lipbalm and a lipstick.

Rose's product of the week - moisturising as 15 pints of alpine spring water, lovely colour pigment and under a tenner.  Problem is, most people have realised they are hot stuff and they are sold out in most Boots.  So if you see one, will you grab me one too? 


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rose's new toy

So it has happened - Mr Rose and I have sold our flat and moved in with Dr Gustav while we try and find 'Rose Towers'. 

It is Day 3 in the Big Gustav House and so far, so harmonious.  The house is a charming, Georgian house in leafy Highgate which is covered in his extensive china collection, books, paintings and other things necessary to be a North London Jew. 

Packing up our flat was a mighty task.  Both Mr Rose and I are hoarders.  I have so. much. makeup. and have sworn not to buy any for yonks.  Mr Rose likes to keep everything he has ever owned.  He obviously gets this from Dr Gustav - so far I've found not one, not two, but three old dead irons that no longer work.  One of them is brown so it must be an antique!  

But he has made us very welcome and one of the best things about the house is a lovely roof terrace which is My Next Project.  I'm thinking all white flowers this summer - so elegant!  Normally I go for the Parisian look of all red geraniums, but I think now I'm in my 30s it might be time to go subtle.  Watch this space. 

Now I've been meaning to tell you for a while about my New Toy.  I've blogged before about the wonderful Babyliss Big Hair which quickly turns boring hair into a glossy K-Middy style blowdry, in the comfort of your own home.  I love it dearly. 

Then I investigated other Babyliss hair products.  And I have found the holy grail of hair stylers.  The Babyliss Waving wand is so easy to use, so lovely and so quick that I am tempted to use it every day.  It gives you that carefree wavy look you can imagine Kate Hudson works so hard to get on the red carpet. It also adds tonnes of volume which is always a good thing. 

Here is my hair with it done.  Every time I do it I get tonnes of hair compliments, it is something of a crowd pleaser.

So if you have long hair, get yourself one pronto!   And if anyone wants an iron from 1976 in a lovely shade of brown, do let me know  ;-)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Glow like a 21 year old

I don't see my baby sister Izzy as much as I would like. She is hundreds of miles away in Newcastle doing her finals (best of luck kiddo!).  I'm in London working too hard and trying to move house. But I'll see her in a few weeks when I'm going to give her a massive hug and occasionally stare at her a bit. 

The reason I stare is because I'm fascinated in the differences between my skin and hers. I'm only 9 years older than her, but our skins look different. Even though we have similar eyes, face shape and colouring she has something I have lost along the way that I'd love to get back - a glow. 

I don't mind about the odd wrinkle setting in but losing that light reflecting glow that makes your skin look luminescent is pants and I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get it back with skincare, but you can't turn back the clock you can only pretend with make up! 

I used to use a Bobbi Brown shimmer block which comes in a huge variety of colours 

But recently I've looked closely at my skin and it doesn't sit as well as it used to, it makes the wrinkles look more pronounced so I've relegated it to eyeshadow which it does brilliantly and is very long lasting. 

I heard about Jemma Kidd's dewy iced gold radiance cream from one of Tanya Burr's make up tutorials and can report it is soooooo easy to use, it has a lovely creamy texture and you just slap it on wherever you want light bouncing off your face. I'd recommend staring at a 21year old to see where it needs to go - I use it on cheekbones, just under my eyebrows but also tiny bit on top of cupid's bow on the lips and tiny bit on bridge of nose. 

It doesn't stay on for a whole day at work so I carry it with me for touch ups. Can't let the glow fade! 

For a night out where I want the glow to be really pronounced, so I use Barry M Dazzle Dust which costs a couple of quid in Superdrug. The colour that suits me the best is Gold Iridescent no 27.  I either add a touch of it to loose powder for all over glow, or with a small blusher brush to the apples of my cheeks. 

Rose xx 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Post script on Bill's

Last night I received the following charming email from my friend Alexa, as in Alexa and Ackrington. I thought I'd post here in its entirity:
Loved the blog.  You make it sound like you're all straight out of some charming Enid Blyton novel.  Were lashings of ginger ale and jolly hockey sticks involved?
With regards to Bills, I agree that it is a fabulous place and thought you should know that there is also one in Angel.  Where Jamie goes, William will follow...
Alexa xxx