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Friday, 1 June 2012

Our first holiday in a year

Not long after the Lehman Bros collapse when the City was full of doom and gloom I got made redundant from a job I adored.  It was all a bit shit, but one of the lovely things that came out of it was that my good friends from my job and I all became really close. 

3 out of the 4 of us were cut loose and the shared experience turned us from very pally colleagues to proper friends.  We named ourselves jokingly the Circle of Trust - and in that gloomy time at work when under notice of redunancy, we regularly found a quiet corner and had a good natter about what was going on - all under the understanding that what we said to the Circle of Trust was to go no further. 

Fast forward 5 years and they are some of my closest friends.  Alexa, Natalie and Nessa are 3 people I'm always delighted to see no matter how exhausted I am - they always cheer me up, make me laugh, give me style advice, realtionship advice, etc etc.  We all come from completely different parts of the country (The North, Wales, Essex and Warwickshire), have different backgrounds but we get on like a house on fire.   We still call ourselves the Circle of Trust (or COT) and meet up as much as we can.  Sometimes we do COT+HABS (husbands and boyfriends) to shake it up a bit.  I adore these girls. 

Next week Alexa will marry Ackrington in Ibiza and I'm delighted to be one of their bridesmaids!  So this means COT Goes on Holiday. 

So tomorrow Mr Rose and I jet off to Ibiza.  This will be the first holiday we have had in a year and my goodness we feel like we need it!  The past few months of ridiculous work schedules, house buying, living with The In Law etc etc have all taken its toll. 

I've only just got back from 2 weeks travelling with work so the suitcase hasn't even been put away. 

Last night I lured Mr Rose into the bathroom, shoved him in the bath and before he knew what was happening I got the Ladyshave out and reduced his hairy back considerably.  He thinks being hairy makes him magnificent but I explained we are going to Ibiza not Kazakstahn and it simply wouldn't do. 

I am really looking forward to spending time with my slightly less hairy boy, my COT girls, a bloody good book and copious amounts of sunshine. 


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